World Environment Day

World Environment Day – What can we do to make a difference?

In the lead up to World Environment Day, June 5 2021, at KIDDO we think we should always be educating ourselves on what we can do to help protect our environment.

The theme of this year’s World Environment Day is dedicated to the protection and revival of precious ecosystems all over the world. This is the perfect moment to join Generation Restoration and power change for the better.

Not sure where to start?

The team at Bin Shift have given us a few ideas about how you can take action! 

  • Volunteer for an existing restoration effort
  • Clean up a lake, beach, park or other natural area
  • Use Bin Shift bins to start recycling to protect our ecosystems

You can make smart choices by:

  • Donating or other support for restoration of conservation initiatives
  • Halting purchases of products and services that are not certified as sustainable
  • Choosing seasonal, sustainable, and plant-rich products

You can raise your voice by:

  • Holding a discussion about the value of ecosystems and the threats they face
  • Staging an online campaign to draw attention to climate change, nature loss and what can be done to reverse the trends
  • Writing a letter to your MP

Bin shift

What is BinShift?

The team at BIN SHIFT think it’s complete rubbish how much waste goes to Landfill in Australia. So they created a 100% local solution to the waste crisis, built on the principles of sustainability, great design and education.

Australia is one of the most wasteful countries in the world. Recyclable and compostable materials are sent to landfill every day, never able to be recovered – this is unsustainable.

The unique waste separation system from BIN SHIFT has 1 landfill bin and 5 recycling bins that recover valuable resources to build a circular economy – this is sustainable.

SHIFT your waste disposal habits from unsustainable to sustainable!

With BIN SHIFT, waste separation and resource recovery is easy, stylish, made fun and is a better choice for our Earth.

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