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Econo: Planet Positive Products for Planet Positive People

The South Aussie Mother & Son Business on a Planet Saving Mission

Mum and Son team, Trinity and Taj, have always led an environmentally conscious lifestyle, but when 7 year old Taj started asking some confronting questions about the damage that had been caused to his inherited planet, Trinity didn’t like the answers she had to give.

She went on to flip the conversation on its head and, together, they are now embarking on a mission to educate and inspire as many Aussie families as possible about adapting to a more conscious lifestyle.

They call it, ECONO.

econo trin and taj

Econo: Planet Positive Products for Planet Positive People

It was 2018 and protecting the planet had become the hot topic of conversation on the daily school run, but Trinity noticed the conversations were often ending with her usually happy and compassionate little boy going to school with his shoulders slumped and a look of hopelessness on his face. One day, Taj asked his Mum a question that would change their world forever… “Mum, if we’re doing everything we can to save the world, why haven’t we saved it yet?” Her heart sank.

Trinity realised that maybe they weren’t doing EVERYTHING they could…

High quality eco-friendly lifestyle products

ECONO was born one year later when Trinity quit her 9 to 5, rolled up all her knowledge and experiences of living an environmentally conscious lifestyle and dedicated the last of their savings to building a carefully curated selection of high quality, functional and practical, eco-friendly lifestyle products.

Now, after 2 years of building a strong ecommerce brand from the ground up, with everything lining up to slide smoothly into the wholesale space, Trinity is setting her focus firmly on building a huge community of planet positive people who are dedicated to constantly making small and achievable lifestyle changes for the benefit of the planet and everyone’s future.

Be accountable, Be educated

Trinity’s philosophy on conscious living is that it’s not just about ‘going green’, it’s about being accountable for your actions whatever they are, it’s about choosing to be educated, even if you don’t enjoy knowing the truth, and it’s about leading by example and doing what is right, not what is easy.

“I feel like the greatest parents are the ones who are constantly going above and beyond to do better and be better. They are honest, authentic and lead by example”, explains Trinity. “I want Taj to want to be the best human he can possibly be, so he can lead by example too… but I have to show him where to start.”

And it seems to be working.

Taj, now 10, is flourishing as a senior in primary school and takes environmentalism very seriously. He’s been appointed an Eco-Leader at his school and, along with his group of buddies (they call themselves ‘The Eco Bros’) are constantly working to educate students and help shape the school’s ecological vision to reduce their impact on the planet.

“I’m so unbelievably proud of Taj every single day. He’s so smart and tuned into the world around him. So thoughtful and considered. I just really want to make him proud of me too.”

We’re pretty confident he already is!

You can support this fantastic local start-up by checking out their stunning range of designer, reusable lifestyle products, conscious giftware and eco-friendly corporate gifts or by joining the movement on their socials.



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