It’s not glad wrap, it’s GREAT wrap!

School lunch box packing is one step closer to being guilt free with Great Wrap, a new, Aussie designed, plastic free cling wrap that breaks down quicker than orange peel!

What is Great Wrap?

Great Wrap is a plant-based alternative to the handy kitchen staple – and it can go straight into your home compost system or green-waste bin when you’re done with it.

All ‘green products’ are not created equal!

So what’s the difference between compostable and biodegradable?

Biodegradable cling wrap usually means that product was made from regular plastic and an organic additive was blended in. This means it breaks down much quicker, but sadly it breaks down into micro plastics that then flow into our ecosystems and never disappear.

Compostable cling wrap can be made from many things. If it is certified, then it must breakdown in a compost pile in under 180 days and leave behind zero toxins.

So what is Great Wrap made from?

Great Wrap’s certified compostable and biodegradable cling wrap is made from PLA (corn starch) and a bio-based PBAT. This has been certified home compostable with DIN Certco.

great wrap

What if it doesn’t end up in a compost pile?

Composting Great Wrap is the best result as it can be repurposed and used in your garden or by your local council.

If Great Wrap ends up in landfill then it will break down in 2 – 5 years. If it it sits on your shelf then it will last about 2 years.

The green gurus behind Great Wrap

Great Wrap

Julia and Jordy Kay are the team behind Great Wrap. Julia, an architechture graduate and winemaker Jody developed their plant based resin mix for Great Wrap over 18 months ago with the help of professors, industry experts, manufavturers and suppliers.

Great Wrap costs $8 for a 30-metre roll, or six rolls for $42. It’s available online.

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