puffin little

Introducing Puffin Little

This July, as part of their 80th Anniversary celebrations, Puffin are publishing three exciting new books designed for little hands and eager-to-learn minds. The Puffin Little collection is a selection of three beautifully designed, simple and engaging non-fiction books for early readers.

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Each with a different focus

  • environmentalism
  • science
  • cooking

These books teach big skills and facts in easy to read little packages!

Just because we’re little, doesn’t mean we can’t learn Big Facts!

Have you ever wondered how you could help save the planet? Or how to make boring veggies into a super delicious snack? Or how long it takes Neptune to orbit the Sun?

Puffin Little cures these curiosities and more for our little environmentalists, cooks and scientists.

Puffin Little Environmentalist

puffin little composting

Puffin Little Environmentalist: Composting is ideal for educating kids on sustainability, and includes fun around-the-house tips and tricks to lessen your environmental impact.

Puffin Little Cook

Puffin Little Cook

Puffin Little Cook: Snacks teaches young ones how to prepare easy, yummy foods – perfect for busy families and those eager to get messy in the kitchen!

Puffin Little Scientist

Puffin Little Solar System

Puffin Little Scientist: The Solar System propels readers into space with exciting facts about the planets, stars and more!


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