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When Anna Came To Stay explores the nature and emergence of eating disorders for a younger audience. As the voice of lived experience, author Maddy Tyers centres the story around May, who is a carefree girl before she begins heeding the advice of her imaginary friend Anna, which turns her world upside down.

“I wanted to share my story of experiencing an eating disorder at a young age because there is so much compelling research that shows the need to address negative body image thinking at all stages, particularly before it takes root.” said Maddy.

The book also gives young readers a glimpse into the family dynamics involved when a family member experiences an eating disorder. This highlights the need for family members to be sensitive to the signs of an eating disorder and prepared to provide support during the healing process.

When Anna Came To Stay:

  • Opens up conversations around eating disorders and how they impact every area of a person’s life.
  • Provides a resource for schools and parents to recognise the signs of an eating disorder before it progresses further
  • Helps children understand the importance of valuing themselves as a whole person with unique qualities, talents and strengths and that these attributes make you who you are.
  • Addresses some of the factors that influence negative body image, disordered eating and the development of eating disorders.
  • Introduces the concept of healing and how this process can be different for everyone.
  • Encourages young people to celebrate their bodies for what they can do rather than how they look.

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Win: 1 of 3 copies of When Anna Came To Stay

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