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WIN: 1 of 3 copies of Matt Preston’s ‘World of Flavour’

Cook up delicious food from around the world right in your kitchen, with Matt as your wise and entertaining guide. Matt Preston’s mantra is flavour. Tasty and easy-to-make food that puts a smile on your face is what he’s all about.

In this colourful new cookbook, Matt brings together our favourite, flavour-filled dishes from all over the world – from carbonara and chicken korma to potsticker dumplings and Portuguese custard tarts – with the intriguing and myth-busting stories behind them.

Some recipes are in their classic style, others have a special ‘Matt twist’, and all of them use easily found ingredients. With Matt Preston’s World of Flavour, you’ll not only have the ultimate delicious recipes to perfect and enjoy, but also their surprising histories and facts about them to share around the dinner table.

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WIN: 1 of 3 copies of Matt Preston's 'World of Flavour'

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