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WIN a Planet Eco Herb Patch Kit thanks to Emma Sadie Thomson

Plant Stylist Emma Sadie Thomson knows gardens, and becoming a mum has reinforced in her the joy of gardening with children, as well as the important skills it provides our little people to help with their development. The sensory stimulation that children can experience in the garden, from feeling the texture of the leaves, to rubbing their hands in the soil, and the life skills of responsibility and patience are all lessons that can be tended to and encouraged to flourish by, and with, our kiddos in the garden.

With this in mind, we are giving away a herb kit from Planet Eco, thanks to Emma Sadie Thomson, with all the items you and your kids need to plant and grow herbs (RRP $30), plus a hand trowel and fork for your kiddo to use in the garden.

Each herb patch kit includes:

  • 5 packets of organic seeds
  • Basil (genovese)
  • Chives (garlic)
  • Coriander (slow bolt)
  • Dill
  • Parsley (italian)
  • 5 bamboo plant tags to label the herbs
  • 18 biodegradable pots
  • 18 seed growing pellets
  • A planet-eco grow guide – picture-based booklet packed with easy-to-understand tips on when and how to grow your seeds plus other plants.

Designed for children aged 3-12 years, bigger kids are also known to ‘dig’ them.

All kits are made with love by Planet Eco.


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