The March Charge
All day long
From 01-03-19 to 31-03-19

Cancer Council is encouraging everyone to set themselves a walking, or running, challenge for the month of March. It’s time to take on a personal fitness challenge and feel the Charge by measuring kilometres walked or ran for one month and fundraising for Cancer Council.

Participants can Charge as an individual or join other Chargers and compete as a team, by setting a kilometre goal and getting moving throughout the month.

It could be as simple as walking to work instead of driving or getting off the bus a couple of stops early – by participating in The March Charge, you will not only be supporting thousands diagnosed with cancer each year, but also reducing your own cancer risk by being active.

Around 37,000 Australian cancer cases – or 1 in 3 cancers – could be avoided each year through a number of lifestyle changes. These include regular physical exercise, maintaining a healthy body weight and enjoying a healthy diet[1].

Join The March Charge, fundraise for Cancer Council, reduce your cancer risk and feel the Charge you get when you tell cancer where to go. Funds raised will support Cancer Council’s lifesaving cancer research, vital information and support services and cancer prevention programs to reduce cancer in the community.

Website: Cancer Council