Pirates of Port Adelaide
All day long

It’s not often a whole city gets involved in ‘make-believe’ to foster healthy imaginations but it does for one Festival weekend in September. Come join in and be a big part of something truly fantastical!
In case you haven’t noticed, Port Adelaide is THE place to be if you’re a pirate.  It has 2 Tall Ships (and a ghost ship) and lots of hidden treasure.  ​It’s also the perfect place for kids to imagine the thrill of adventures on the high seas and for families to dress up and unleash their inner pirate.

In 2013, during a visit of 3 Dutch Tall Ships, the Pirates of Port Adelaide hijacked the city and held the visiting hordes to ransom.
In 2014 & 2015, the Dutch Tall Ships were nervous about a repeat visit but the ghostly City of Adelaide Clipper Ship returned home to join the Paaarty.

In 2017 it has officially became a Pirate Festival and registered internationally as a legitimate (as much as an anarchic pirate can be legitimate) International Talk Like a Pirate Day event.

Who knows what excitement the next Festival will hold…

Website: Pirates of Port Adelaide
Facebook: Pirates of Port Adelaide