Jodie Stubbs: Woman
$ 28.00
All day long
From 26-02-19 to 03-03-19

Jodie will take us on a humorous and heartwarming journey of what it is to be a Mum, career woman, wife and cabaret chanteuse as she attempts to get through a 60 minute show without having to check on the kids.

From the dawn of time, women have had a bad wrap but it is now ‘the modern era’ where women can not only have it all, but sing and dance about it in funky cabaret venues. Despite living in the shadow of female oppression since the Garden of Eden, social change has never been this fun as Jodie explores in song and story what it is like to be able to ‘have it all’ … and what the hidden costs are.

With music drawn from Broadway, to Pop, to R&B, and soul; this show isn’t one to be missed.

“Mesmerising” Theatre Press.

“Impeccable Voice” Weekend Notes.

Website: Adelaide Fringe