Grit – Simone Lettice
All day long
College Park,
From 31-05-19 to 31-07-19

I’ve titled the collection ‘grit’ as a nod to the determination required of me to compile it. A collection of 36 abstract paintings ranging from postcard size to 1200 x 1200 canvases, these paintings, all bold sculptural acrylics, were created using layers of carefully and slowly applied paint, or dots using a tiny paintbrush. Golds, bronzes, greys and black, with the odd splash of a feature colour were my palette of choice for these pieces. I drew inspiration from constellations, music, collage and bronzed sculptures, but ultimately it was my feeling-based, intuitive process that led me to produce works that I hope my audience will likewise discover their own meanings within.

Check out our interview with Simone here.


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