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From 13-03-19 to 17-03-19

Every so often a small, unknown company takes an international festival by storm. Suddenly everyone seems to be asking, wide-eyed, “My God, have you seen…?” Such was the impact of Compagnie Non Nova on the Edinburgh Fringe 5 years ago and they’ve been touring the world ever since. Sounds like a must see. But how do you feel once it’s revealed that the question ends with the words: “…the plastic bag show?”

Many years ago Mallarme wrote the ‘greatest poem in French literature’, L’après-midi d’un faune which inspired Debussy to write the orchestral piece that represented the ‘birthplace of modern music’ which in turn inspired Nijinsky to create the very first work of modern dance. Now, armed only with a pun (“foehn” is a warm Mediterranean breeze), some sticky tape, fans and a pile of shopping bags a single puppeteer/magician seems literally to breathe life into the inanimate and adds another French masterpiece to the chain.

Your jaws and those of your young charges will go slack as the little plastic dancers flit, swirl and waltz on the rising currents of air. No strings. No tricks. Just a brilliantly conceived and planned improvisation that to believe… well, you must see!

Website: Adelaide Festival

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