Especially on Birthdays
$ 25
All day long
Adelaide ,

Part performance, part game, part celebration, Especially on Birthdays tells the tale of a pair of twins and a sixth birthday one of them doesn’t want to have.

The story unfolds in an intimate setting with audience members facing each other across the performance space. You can’t help but be caught up in the lyrical imagery, evocative light and sounds – all supported by the music of zephyrROM (Zephyr Quartet and voiceROM).

The stellar cast and crew recreate the joy, excitement and concerns surrounding the most anticipated day of the year.

Let your imagination run wild – just like a five-year-old’s.

Director/Makers: Dave Brown, Roz Hervey
Performer/Makers: Katrina Lazaroff, Stephen Noonan
Designer/Provocateur: Geoff Cobham
Composer/Musicians: zephyrROM (Zephyr Quartet and voiceROM)
Production Manager: Bob Weatherly

Something On Saturday Free Kids Corner Workshop

Party Animals
27 April 11am-3pm
Make pop up cards and party dioramas!

Website: Adelaide Festival Centre

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