Dinosaur Revolution at SA Museum
From $ $12
10:00 to 17:00

Dinosaurs have arrived at the Museum! DINOSAUR rEVOLUTION, a new touring exhibition from Gondwana Studios, explores the thrilling world of dinosaurs and their descendents.

-Expect lots of dinosaur skeletons and bones, and drawings of how they looked based on recent fossil findings. Did T.rex really have brown scales?
-Run your hands over the fossil casts that have a green ‘ok to touch’ sign next to them. One of the casts is a nest of dinosaur eggs. Who would have thought dinosaurs would sit on a nest?
-Find out more about how some dinosaurs evolved into birds, after an asteroid hit Earth 66 million years ago. Dinosaurs were ready for this and evolved to take over the sky as birds!
-Enjoy triggering three animatronic dinosaurs by walking near them. Hear them roar and watch them move. They’re cheeky and will talk back, but they won’t bite.
-Take time out in the kids’ play space, and know that when you buy a ticket it is a day pass, so pop in and out at any time on the day you visit.

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