cirkidz school holiday program

REVIEW: Cirkidz School Holiday Program

When school holidays roll around it doesn’t take long to figure out that yes, in fact.. it is your circus and they are your monkeys… and all of sudden you’re the ring master and someone’s hanging upside down from a pendant light.

…Or maybe that’s just at my house.

What can I say… working from home during the school holidays sure is balancing act. A real juggle. (….OK I’ll stop).

cirkidz school holiday program

Roll up…Roll up!

If you’re looking to outsource your circus clowns for a half or full day – or even a series of days –  during the school holidays, then Cirkidz Circus School school holiday sessions will see your kiddos bouncing off the walls and jumping through hoops… in a good way!

With tumbling, acrobatics, trampolining, circus tricks and a massive foam pit (plus plenty of crash mats), kids who join Cirkidz for a school holiday sesh will have the opportunity to meet new friends and have a blast while being active and learning a few new tricks.

cirkidz school holiday program

Who are Cirkidz?

If you missed the memo, the South Australian Circus Centre is a not-for-profit, fully equipped, state of the art circus school located in the good old artsy suburb of Bowden. The Cirkidz Circus School actually runs weekly circus arts classes for children aged 2.5 years, up to adults aged 80 (!!) during the school term, as well as offering an extensive school holiday program during term break.

We signed up two of the KIDDO crew to give the Off The Wall session at Cirkidz a crack during the recent school holidays so we could give you the run down on what to expect (and so I didn’t turn one of them into a human cannonball when they asked me for the 487th snack of the day).

To say they had the time of their lives is an understatement!

cirkidz school holiday program

cirkidz school holiday program

Limber up and get ready to learn

At the start of the session, the kids were divided into groups based on their age and taken through fun warm ups (think dodgeball and tag) and gentle stretching so they were limbered up and and ready to learn.

The super skilled (and friendly!) instructors took the groups through different stations, with a strong focus on tumbling and trampolining, learning to bounce in lots of different shapes and ways.

Over the course of the 3.5 hour session the kids got to try out different apparatus, run through an obstacle course, leap over crash pads and soar through the air using aerial silks and trapeze. The floors are sprung so even the most flat footed will have a spring in their step and with four different types of trampolines, there is plenty of opportunity for everyone to learn the difference between their donkey kicks and their seat drops.

cirkidz school holiday program

cirkidz school holiday camp

Highlights for my pair included practising aerial tricks on the silks (for the uninitiated, that’s the theatrical ribbons that look like props from a PINK concert), trying out some circus skills like chair balancing, and learning to do a safe fall (BACKWARDS!) into the foam pit.

cirkidz school holiday program

cirkidz school holiday program

cirkidz school holiday programs

cirkidz school holiday program

cirkidz school holiday p rogram

Cirkidz School Holiday Program for 5-12 year olds

If you’re keen to get your kiddos off the couch and run away to the circus in the school hols, Cirkidz run half-day and full-day sessions of circus learning and fun every holidays. The Cirkidz fun and friendly circus trainers will guide kiddos through your choice of session in the fully-equipped circus centre.

All sessions are suitable for ages 5 – 12 (except for Parkour, which is strictly for ages 8 – 12) and the team do ask that you provide plenty of snacks, lunch (depending on your session time) and a drink for your little acrobat.

cirkidz school holiday program

Cirkidz school holiday program sessions

  • CIRCUS PICK’N’MIX: You never know what you’ll get in this mixed bag of circus fun. Close your eyes and pick activities out of our circus hat! It could be games, trampoline, aerial, hula and more! Whatever it is, it’s sure to be exciting with no two sessions the same! For ages 5 – 12.
  • SOAR & MORE: Your favourite hard aerials (trapeze and lyra) combined with slack line, tight rope, and other apparatus give you even more ways to defy gravity and stay off the floor! Soar & More focuses on strength, coordination and balance to keep you flying! A great session for all skill levels including beginners. For ages 5 – 12.
  • OFF THE WALL: Tumbling, acrobatics, bouncing, rockin’ and rolling! With sprung floors and four kinds of trampoline and a massive foam pit (plus plenty of crash mats) this session will see your child bouncing off the wall with excitement. Make new friends as you work in groups and with partners. For ages 5 – 12.
  • PARKOUR: Train with SAPA-accredited instructors as you run, leap and roll through our fully equipped and safe facility. Find the most creative way from point A to point B! Beginners welcome.
  • CIRCUS SMORGASBORD: All you can eat circus fun and action! Experience a buffet of circus disciplines. Aerial, trampoline, manipulation including hula, juggling and flower sticks, basic tumbling, acrobatics and more! Get a taste of all things circus in this sesssion! For ages 5 – 12.
  • READY, SET, CIRCUS!: It’s time to gather your wits and be ready for anything in this session featuring circus games and challenges! Bounce, climb, roll, chase, throw and sneak your way through the circus alongside your teammates and learn some new skills as you play. It’s not about whether you win or lose – it’s about how much fun you have on the way! For ages 5 – 12.

cirkidz school holiday program

Discover your Circus Superpower with Cirkidz

Get your kiddos ready to flip out on the trampoline, soar among the rafters, learn acro tricks certain to impress, or try a bit of everything to discover THEIR circus superpower… all while keeping warm and dry in the indoor & fully-equipped circus centre!

By the end of the session they may just want to run away to the Circus… and by the end of the school holidays, you may just want to let them 😉

For more information or to book:

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