Greta Zargo And the Death Robots from Outer Space By A.F Harold

Find out from a Kiddo herself, Matilda Schwarz as she reviews the book ‘Greta Zargo and the Death Robots from Outer Space’


This book is about a girl called Greta Zargo who is trying to solve the mystery of the missing cakes, but ends up saving the world (while not knowing it) at the same time.

My favourite part of the book was when Greta found the thief and it wasn’t who she thought it was going to be.

My favourite character is Aunt Tabitha, because she is always creative and inventing new things like a squirrel that is allergic to peanuts!

The funniest part was when Greta thought that the robot was just Sophie’s costume for the party.

I also liked how each chapter in the book changed between Greta’s life on earth, and the planets that the death robots had destroyed.

I enjoyed this book because it was a funny and fictional story that you can read and escape from all the rush of life.

I would rate this book a 8/10

Name: Matilda Schwarz
Age: 11

Matilda Schwarz

Book available from: Dymocks, Burnside Village Shopping Centre, 447 Portrush Rd, Glenside SA 5065, $12.99