raising sensitive boys

Raising Sensitive Boys

with Madhavi Nawana Parker from Positive Minds Australia

On this episode we talk about a subject close to many of our hearts, raising sensitive boys. How to spot them, how to help them, how to encourage them to foster that sensitivity in a positive way.. how to PARENT them.

Madhavi Nawana Parker from Positive Minds Australia joins us to go through all the ins and outs of supporting our sensitive boys and helping them to find their super powers.

Madhavi is not only a behaviour consultant and counsellor she’s also the director of Positive Minds Australia, which is a team providing online support around Australia and overseas specialising in helping to build positive, resilient and socially emotionally capable people. They work with children and adults, addressing the needs of young people, families, and schools, and Madhavi is also a published author and speaker specialising in confident and resilient mindsets, wellbeing, social emotional literacy and parent education. And she she also has three children of her own!

Episode Features:

Guest: Madhavi Nawana Parker

Host: Liv Williams

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