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KIDDO Chats Episode 7: Tricky times with tween girls

with Danielle Demourtzidis from The Girl Gang Wellness

On this episode we dive into the topic of tween and teen girls with Danielle Demourtzidis from The Girl Gang Wellness, an Adelaide based business set up to focus specifically on the wellness of our preteen and teen girls.

We talk about the work Danielle does with The Girl Gang Wellness, mentoring girls aged 8-18 and how important it is as a parent to learn how to navigate this territory.

Danielle talks us through: 

  • The story behind The Girl Gang Wellness
  • The types of issues facing young girls today
  • How parents of preteen girls can best communicate with them
  • How early intervention with counselling and mentoring can set girls up for success
  • How to know when we should look for external help if our daughter is experiencing a hard time
  • Tips and strategies to support girls going through tricky friendship issues
  • How the focus changes as girls get older – what parents should be prepared for when girls turn 12-18!

Episode Features:

the girl gang wellness

Guest: Danielle Demourtzidis
The Girl Gang Wellness

Host: Liv Williams

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