Please explain Perimenopause
OK ladies, we need to talk!

If we said the word “Perimenopause” would you know what we’re talking about? Because Perimenopause symptoms are being experienced by women in their 30’s and 40’s the world over, but not many people know what they are, how they can impact you, your emotions and your body, or even what Perimenopause actually is!

It’s the precursor to menopause that no one tells you about.

In this episode we get the answers.

Perimenopause… please explain.

Giving us the lowdown on Perimenopause is GP and women’s health specialist Dr Verity Cooper.

Verity talks us through:

  • What Perimenopause actually is
  • What the typical symptoms are
  • What women going through Perimenopause may be experiencing
  • Symptom management
  • How to improve quality of life if the symptoms are severe
  • Other possible health risks associated with Perimenopause to look out for.

Perimenopause is a phase of life not often talked about; some of the symptoms are super personal so women may be unlikely to discuss them openly, and other symptoms may just be attributed to the exhaustion of every day life, so Perimenopause often flies under the radar.

We want to throw open the curtains and bring it to light in this episode, so women can understand more about what’s happening to their bodies and brains and how this might be affecting their everyday lives, as well as opening the door to meaningful, honest, informed conversations between women and their partners.


How partners can support women experiencing symptoms of perimenopause

Episode Features:


Guest: Dr Verity Cooper
Fountain Corner Medical Practice 

Host: Liv Williams

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