The Fourth Trimester: Postpartum Care

On this episode we talk to Naomi Chrisoulakis of Cocoon about how new mums can prepare to nurture themselves as well as baby.

Naomi is a postpartum doula, cook, writer and mother. She also hosts a podcast called Tales From The Fourth Trimester.

Naomi cooks and delivers delicious and wholesome food to mums with a new baby in the house, also doing in-house visits to offer support when families need it most.

We talk about the concept of a Fourth Trimester, easy ways to prepare for life after the baby arrives, which foods will nourish you when you’re tired and healing plus ways you can ask friends and family for help that will really benefit you. Trust us, they want to!

Episode Features:

Guest: Naomi Chrisoulakis

Host: Alexis Teasdale (Lex) of The Festive Co

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