Fertility struggles with Fertility Hand

KIDDO CHATS EPISODE 15: Fertility Struggles with Ceci from Fertility Hand

In this episode we’re talking to Ceci Jeffries, a fertility coach and owner of Fertility Hand, also a very grateful mum of three.

We’re chatting about fertility struggles and all that comes with it, something that Ceci has firsthand knowledge of.  After her own experiences, she knew that she wanted to do everything she could to help other couples, which is why she trained as a fertility coach and started her business.

We talk about what a fertility coach is, how loved ones can support without offering advice, how important social media can be when you’re feeling isolated, and the kind of areas Ceci works on with her clients.

This is a very personal and sensitive topic, so for anyone out there experiencing a tough fertility journey, please know that this might bring up all the feels, but you are certainly not alone.

We hope this is helpful, comforting, and educational.

Episode Features:

Guest: Ceci Jeffries from Fertility Hand