low tox family life

KIDDO Chats Episode 11: Low Tox Family Life

On this episode of Kiddo Chats we’re bringing you an Introduction to Low Tox Family Life. If you don’t know exactly what I mean by that, then keep listening, because by the end of this episode you definitely will.

What is this TOXIC LOAD buzzword we’re hearing all over Instagram and being spruiked by health and wellness advocates?  On this ep we’ll explain it and dive into how you, yes you, can reduce your impact and lower the toxic load on your family and what that actually means.

We’re looking at helping people who are interested in starting to make some small changes in their lifestyle, potentially creating a happier planet and a healthier you. Now we’re not talking about ditching everything you have in your cupboards and replacing it with teatree oil, we’re taking a realistic look at how little choices you make for your family, could have a big impact.

We talk easy, actionable swaps and DIY’s that we can implement in our own homes that do make a difference, as well as what we can look for on labels when we shop that we should try to avoid!


The Chemical Maze
Think Dirty

low tox family life

Episode Features:

Guest: Flo from health and wellness website Health & Hamsa

Host: Liv Williams

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