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Your school can register to receive free sanitary products

Schools across South Australia are now able to register to receive free packs of sanitary items for young women experiencing period poverty, thanks to the efforts raised from the KickStart For Kids Against Period Poverty campaign.

On 25 June, KickStart For Kids (KSFK) officially launched their brand new initiative with a fundraising event held at The Gallery on Waymouth St with over 130 guests, including campaign ambassadors, politicians, media, sponsors and supporters.

Through a combination of ticket sales, donations and silent auction items, a total of $60,000 was raised on the day, allowing the charity to purchase hundreds of sanitary products to give to those experiencing period poverty in the state.

Register to receive FREE packs of sanitary products

As a result, schools across South Australia can now register to receive free packs of sanitary products, if they are not already part of KSFK’s breakfast/lunch program.

To register, schools can simply fill out the form details:


A step closer to ending period poverty

A survey conducted by the Commissioner for Children and Young People (CCYP) in 2020, found that 26% of respondents had missed out on attending school due to not having access to sanitary products and 51% reported not having access to products or not knowing how to access sanitary items at school. The efforts from the initiative have created a step closer to ending period poverty in South Australia.

Founder of KSFK, Ian Steel, is excited to start providing menstrual healthcare to girls who need it,

“After hearing the stats that came out of the CCYP reports, period poverty was clearly an issue in South Australia that needed addressing and with two daughters, it was something that I wanted to tackle. It was also a program that could fit in really well with the weekly breakfast/lunch programs that we already provide to 350 SA schools, so it was a no brainer.”

“This campaign has been quite a few months in the making and I’m keen to get the ball rolling and finally be able to provide schools with menstrual care products and try to end the gap of those who currently don’t have access to these products,” Ian added.

The products will start to be distributed as of Term 3 of the 2021 school year and, once registered, schools will be able to order the sanitary items online and have them delivered right to their campus.

Donation boxes for sanitary items are also located in all 37 National Pharmacy stores in SA and donations can continue to be made online:


For more on the campaign:


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