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womens weekly children's cake cookbook

Iconic women’s weekly children’s birthday cake book is being re-released for its 40th anniversary

A generation of Australian children have grown up with the cakes from the Australian Women’s Weekly.

Yes, it kind of makes us feel old to know this classic from our childhoods is turning 40 this year (*cough* along with many of us), but it also brings back ALL the memories..

The duck cake with a potato chip beak, the jelly filled pool cake, the cover-worthy train cake that EVERYBODY wanted and, OH, that DOLLY cake that so many clever mums managed to do justice to, year in year out!



There are literal decades of memories between the pages of the AWW Children’s Birthday Cake book and so many parents are reliving special moments by creating these same time honoured cakes for our own children’s birthdays!

10 new recipes in rereleased AWW Children’s Birthday Cake Book

To celebrate the 40th anniversary, the AWW Children’s Birthday Cake Book is being re-released in limited edition hardcover, complete with many of the much-loved faves along with 10 new recipes bound to become family traditions in years to come!

The original iconic cookbook featuring 106 recipes was originally released in 1980, with the incredible cakes and desserts within the pages being reproduced by Australian parents thousands of times over.

On August 17 the $19.99 anniversary special will find its way onto newsagent and supermarket shelves, before it is stocked in bookstores on August 18, while stocks last.


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