tip top recycled bread tags
Tip Top launches recyclable bread tags in SA as Aussie first

Tip Top is rolling out recyclable bread tags in a move that will eventually rid the nation of 400 million plastic bits a year, with the company launching the initiative in South Australia.

An Australia-wide rollout of the cardboard tags is planned to take place over the next two years, but Tip Top products in South Australia, fitted with cardboard tags made from industrial and consumer waste, hit the shelves on Thursday.

SA Families will help remove 11 million plastic tags from SA

The company said the change will remove 11 million plastic tags from South Australia by the end of 2021, with the new tags equally as durable and no extra cost passed on to retailers.

tip top recycled bread tags

First in a series of packaging innovations

The transition to recyclable bread tags is the first of a series of packaging innovations under the company’s vision of, ‘Feeding Aussie families more sustainably’.

Tip Top encourages consumers to recycle their cardboard bread tags in kerbside recycling bins by tucking the tag securely inside other paper or cardboard products, such as an envelope or paper bag, giving them the best chance of being recycled into a new product rather than being sent to landfill.

Cardboard bread tags can be found on all Tip Top fresh, sliced breads on South Australian shelves from today.

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