tik tok live streamed suicide

Tik-Tok Live-Streamed Suicide

What does this mean for our kids and their device use?

You may be aware of distressing reports about a video of a suicide circulating on social media platforms.

It is believed that this video has also been embedded in other content with harmless descriptions such as ‘cute cat video’ to entice young people to view the content, unaware of what they will be viewing.

TikTok has issued a statement ensuring the public that they are rushing to remove the content and banning users who share it.

This is a distressing situation and many parents’ first reaction may be to take away devices from children, but Cybersafe Families encourage parents not to do this as children may see this as a form of punishment.

How to approach this with your children

If your child has not heard of or been exposed to the video, Cybersafe Families suggest it best not to draw undue attention to it and avoid raising it with them.
Advice from eSafety suggests that drawing children’s attention to the issue may cause unnecessary worry or distress and increase exposure. Older children may be exposed through online news or school yard chat.

Christopher Greene CEO of Adelaide based Cybersafe Families said,

‘We need to keep dialogue open, and taking devices away will not only be seen as a punishment for children but it may also stop them from sharing with us any disturbing content that they come across in the future in fear that they will lose digital privileges.

‘Instead we encourage parents and caregivers to have open and honest conversations with children around what they have seen or what is being talked about in the school yard to help them process and understand the content’.

The eSafety commissioner is encouraging people who encounter this content to report it to the social media platform they’ve seen it on, or to eSafety at:


Mr Greene added, ‘There are lots of support services available to both children and parents/caregivers. It is important the we put the emotional wellbeing of all children at the forefront and take the time to talk through and process these instances- in an age appropriate manner’.

If you or your child have been impacted you can contact:

  • Kids Helpline: 1800 55 1800 Phone support is there all day, every day. Online support is open from 8am- midnight every day (AEST).
  • Suicide Callback Service: 1300 659 467 Phone support all day, every day, and follow-up calls.
  • eHeadspace: 1800 650 890 Open 9am-1am daily (AEST).
  • Lifeline: 13 11 14 Phone support all day, every day. Online support 7pm-4am daily (AEST).
  • Beyondblue: 1300 22 4636 Phone support all day, every day. Online support 3pm-midnight every day.


About Cybersafe Families

Cybersafe Families is an SA based family business headed by brother and sister team Chris Greene and Danielle Verrilli, and joined by Chris’s wife Michelle. Chris is an IT professional having worked for many years within the school system and Danielle is a teacher and a school counsellor. Most importantly all three are parents of school aged children.

Cybersafe Families are leaders in providing cyber safety education and are passionate about children getting the most of Information Technology but believe this journey into the online world is different for each child. Information Technology can be a great resource and learning tool for children, but it can also provide access to material that may not be age appropriate. Unfiltered access can lead to potential accidental discoveries that can occur right in your home, which could be harmful to your children.
Cybersafe Families cyber safety education programs give Parents and Guardians a way to make their homes cyber safe! It’s important for parents to understand the real possibilities and understand the best practices so they can ensure the online safety of their family. We don’t endorse overly strict regimes, just the importance of providing a suitable technology based environment that is appropriate for the different stages of a child’s life.

Cybersafe Families has a strong focus on child internet safety and we firmly believe that only when parents are armed with the right information can decide what’s right for their children. We aim for the best possible outcome for parents working with what is available, with a focus on the future of home internet safety.

Cybersafe Families are certified by the eSafety Commissioner as a Trusted eSafety Provider to deliver online safety programs in Australian schools.



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