this is my body

This is my body: A book for kids about consent

Body boundaries. Consent. Autonomy. They’re complex concepts that are of the utmost importance to teach our children. In this day and age it’s more important than ever to help our children find their voice and empower them to speak up about their own body boundaries and consent, but sometimes it can be a tricky set of concepts to convey in a way that our small people will understand.

Mum and author Lilli Carle has written a beautiful book to help parents start meaningful conversations with their kids surrounding these important topics.

We chat with Lil about what inspired her to write the book and the messages she hopes it will instil in its young readers.

this is my body

Tell us about your decision to write this book. 

I’m a mental health and general nurse, I run a children’s entertainment company, and I’m mum of two, soon to be three, in a blended family. During lockdown last year, I found kids parties canceled, and with our kids away at their other parents every second weekend I found myself with some free time. 

You mention you have a blended family, did this play a role in the subject matter of the book?

In blended families there is special kind of anxiety around co parenting, when you realise that on top of kids being away from us at school and childcare etc. they also have a whole other life with people we sometimes don’t know. Being a mum of girls made me fearful already. Our co parenting arrangements made it worse. Feeling powerless to be able to control all these things I decided the best way to keep our kids safe in our absence was to educate and empower them. So I used the free time created by lockdown life to write my girls a book. 

What message do you hope to convey in This is MY Body?

“This is MY Body” was written to equip our kids with the language to set their own boundaries, an understanding of the concept of consent, and the confidence to maintain autonomy over their own bodies. 

Since it’s release last year it have discovered just how many other families find this a difficult topic to approach with their young families. I’m hopeful the book will continue to ask as a starting point for some tricky conversations like it was for us. 

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