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The Village Co. introduces Mama Milk Kits, a new way to support Mums in need

The Village Co. have this week announced a new initiative to support struggling mums, one that will address the not insignificant task of supporting mums-in-need with breast feeding.

The Mama Milk Kit was created with The Village Co. mums in mind. Mums who want to breastfeed but face significant barriers, including homelessness, financial hardship, significant mental health issues, minimal family/friend support or domestic violence.

There is a huge amount of pressure on mothers to breastfeed but for any new mum it presents a huge learning curve. We know that breast milk is the ideal option for the health of the newborn, as well as having many positive outcomes for the health and mental/emotional wellbeing of the mother, but it’s not always as easy as it seems.

With a Mama Milk Kit, new mums facing hardship will receive basic tools, simple instructions and access to expert videos, all to help them successfully nourish their newborn babies.

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How can you help

You can help The Village Co. by buying a Mama Milk Kit for yourself or a friend, or by making a donation so more can be supplied to new mums in need.

By buying a Mama Milk Kit you’ll also be supporting new mums who need a bit of extra help.

Your beautifully packaged Mama Milk Kit comes with: ­

  • Silicone Manual breast pump
  • Silicone Breast pump cap
  • 10 milk storage bags ­
  • Breastfeeding info magnet
  • The knowledge that you’ve helped a new mum

While you enjoy your Mama Milk Kit, your purchase helps The Village Co. fund Mama Milk Kits for other mums in hospital who want to breastfeed but can’t afford this helpful tool.

The Mama Milk Kits will be added into EVERY Welcoming Babe bags for new mums in hospital.

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