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OTR to sell showbags to keep the magic of the Show alive

Our kiddos may not be able to attend The Show this year, but all is not lost… OTR is keeping a little bit of that special show magic alive by offering a selection of show bags in store.

Head to an OTR store from July 29, and you and your kiddos can pick up a range of iconic chocolate, confectionary and novelty show bags, thanks to a partnership between OTR and Bensons Trading’s Show bags, one of Australia’s leading Show bag suppliers.

From Harry Potter to L.O.L

From fans of Harry Potter, to Pokemon Card Traders, to those with a sweet tooth, there will be a showbag for everyone at OTR stores, with other popular themed show bags including Paw Patrol, Caramello Koalas, Warheads and L.O.L.

Confectionary Show bags will be priced at $5 and Novelty Show bags selling for $30.

Regional families won’t miss out

Regional visitors to the Show won’t miss out with regional OTR stores from Mount Gambier to Renmark and Port Lincoln to Port Augusta, selling the show bags.

Darryl Cotter, OTR General Manager Operations said “we are excited to be able to keep some of the Show magic alive within our stores across the state.”

“Show bags are key part of the Show experience and a great treat for everyone, young and old”, said Mr Cotter.

“Being a part of local communities in Adelaide and key regions throughout South Australia, OTR stores will make it convenient for people to buy their show bags and bring some of the joy of the Show back into their homes.

OTR sells showbags

Bensons Trading’s Show bags General Manager of Retail and Product Development, Samantha Atkinson said as proud champions of bringing toys and treats in our beloved show bags, we are excited to see the tradition of iconic show bags go on with our first partnership with OTR.

“We know how much South Australians love the Show, so are thrilled to begin this partnership and hope to bring smiles to the faces of many would-be show goers across the state,” said Ms Atkinson.


For more information on the show bags being sold at OTR stores: