Inaugural Ambassador, Jack Buckskin, announced for The Nature Festival

South Australia’s newest festival, Nature Festival, a 10-day open-access event of activities and experiences dedicated to celebrating the role nature plays in the identity of all South Australians, today celebrates its inaugural ambassador, Jack Buckskin.

Ambassador Jack Kanya Buckskin

Jack Kanya Buckskin is a Kaurna, Narungga and Wirangu man, born in Adelaide, who has dedicated himself to learning and sharing Kaurna language and culture.

Jack has been involved in the Kaurna revitalisation movement for 15 years and continues to contribute to the development and teaching of Kaurna language and culture.

Festival creates a meaningful focus on our Indigenous Peoples

Through his ambassadorship Jack will offer the festival the opportunity to engage and create a true and meaningful focus on the knowledge of South Australia’s indigenous peoples, cultivating a deeper engagement of the land where we live.

Along with being an ambassador Jack, alongside Kaurna artist and researcher James Tylor, will be leading a lecture, Talking History: Kaurna Environment: Plants, Animals, Culture & History, offering a brief introduction to the local environment of the Adelaide Plains from a contemporary Indigenous Kaurna perspective.

James Tylor: Photograph by Tony Kearney


“As part of this festival, I hope that we as Aboriginal people have the chance and a voice to share our knowledges.” Said Nature Festival’s inaugural ambassador, Jack Buckskin.


“Our people’s spirit is connected to the land that we live on and we understanding that everything has its place, from edible foods to medicinal plants to why something is what it is. I hope that people can hear the voices of Aboriginal people and better understand the place around them, but that it also sparks a drive to want to learn more about how to connect to this place.”


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