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Help Adelaide author/illustrator Jessica Bennet publish her children’s book ‘Did you know’

In 2015, when Adelaide Author/Illustrator Jessica Bennet was living on the opposite side of the world in Sweden, feeling disconnected from family and friends. In the midst of going through a very tough time, feeling sad and alone, she started writing a book for her then 5 year old niece Eva.

 “I came home to visit Adelaide for just a few weeks and spent one afternoon with my niece at the beach.  At the end of the day Eva was covered in sand and she looked up at me and said … Aunty Jess, did you know that the sand is Alive?”

With that one simple question, Jess was able to see the world through the eyes of a child.

“I could see how magical the world was for her” Jess says “Her imagination was free to create whatever it wanted”.

In that moment, Jess realised that we each create our own stories in our mind and that she had been telling herself a very negative story.

“Eva’s question unleashed my imagination and showed me a new way to connect to nature. I started to look for stories in the natural world around me. I was inspired and I realised that the question… Did you know…is like a gateway to see the magic around us”.

Through this simple question… a book was born.

did you know

Did you know?

5 years later, Jess has finally finished the book! A book full of rhyming stories all starting with “did you know”?

All the images are hand drawn by Jess, and brightly coloured in Photoshop. Jess has poured so much time and love into the book and is ready to share it with the world.

did you know childrens book

Did you know…you can help?

That’s where you come in. Jess needs help to raise enough money to get the book printed right here in Adelaide, and then sent all over the world.

If the funding goal of  $15,000 is reached, the estimated delivery for Australia is Late November and the rest of the world is early December. But if the target isn’t met, no books will be printed.

Help Jess fund the printing of Did you know? by supporting her kickstarter campaign:


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