You’ve got to love the days when you have it all together, everyone’s clothes are clean and for a brief moment, everything is in its right place (#nailedit). But for every one of these days, there are those when you feel like you’re stumbling from one disaster to the next (#mumlife).

#Mumlife is something you really don’t understand until you’re a mum, learning on the job. Before having your first baby, you might think #mumlife is all about cute pictures of your baby at the park, smiling contently in the pram or that perfect car selfie with your sleeping baby in the seat behind you.

But as you get older and perhaps start trying to juggle a return to work, or having another child, #mumlifebecomes a secret code. A code that says ‘I am holding this whole thing together with a stick of glitter glue, a box of sultanas from the back of my car and lipstick I bought at the supermarket three years ago.’

When you reach this point (firstly, well done!) you really begin to understand that you need people around you that understand what this stage is all about and can help you with all the things that can happen. And yes, they can be friends and family, but sometimes we need our #mumlife issues to be sorted by someone who’s been there before and is also just a little bit more removed from our everyday life.

Enter, National Pharmacies, a haven for every #mumlife situation.

Need a whooping cough vaccination before your niece is born? They can help. Can’t work out if your son has dry skin or headlice? They’ll help you treat the right problem. Want to give formula a try but don’t know where to start? They’ll point you in the right direction. Twins have a ghastly cold and you need a carers certificate? They can provide you one with no appointment necessary. Daughter complaining of sore eyes at night? They can look into that (bad pun). Lipstick you bought at the supermarket three years ago finally done…? You get the idea.

At National Pharmacies and National Pharmacies Optical, most of the staff are parents themselves and know what it’s like to have young children. So when you come into the store, the staff can offer you practical advice (#lifehacks!) as well as trusted knowledge from years of pharmacy experience.

From just finding out you’re pregnant all the way to wrangling teenagers, you can rely on National Pharmacies to help you keep it all together.

And that’s what #mumlife is about… keeping it together (sort of) and when you can’t keep it together, it’s nice to know where to go to put it back together, or at least stick it together with a Mickey Mouse Bandaid, a packet of Glucogel jellybeans and a fresh new lipstick.

Note: no disrespect was intended to the #dadlife in the writing of this article