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It’s not every day that you can make a difference, but when you can… you should!

I met Steph awhile back and like most charity founders, her generosity, empathy and energy blew my mind.

We sat in a café and talked about the women that she has helped through her job as a midwife, women that arrive to give birth alone and with nothing. No nappies, no maternity pads, no baby clothes, no support… nothing. 

Now, we all know that this goes on… but what do we actually do about it? 

Well Steph started a charity – THE VILLAGE CO and thank goodness she did. 

charlotte chambers steph malan

Together, we have created the campaign WE ARE THE VILLAGE, because we are the village for these women. So what can we do? Buy a t-shirt, donate money, volunteer time, raise awareness. Do what you can so that we can support the women that are unsupported with the basics… and show a little LOVE!

we are the village tshirt

A special thank you to our friends who have all jumped at the opportunity to support this campaign so please make sure you show them some LOVE on social media.





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