Kiddo Mag issue 16 OUT NOW

If pressure makes diamonds then this issue must be at least 5.0 carats

I am not gonna lie… the last however many months have been tough. The uncertainty is the biggest thing I’ve struggled with, being a bit of a control freak (can you believe it…?) this whole Corona palaver has really thrown a spanner in the works for me and many other fellow humans and business owners.

We just managed to squeeze out the April issue knowing that a June edition was never going to happen. I accepted this and crossed all the things hoping that we would all come out of this in time for our August issue… and here we are!

Corona lockdown was like a beautiful blur… every day, snack plate, bath time, couch cuddle, Netflix series and bike ride morphed seamlessly into one.

Did I enjoy the snails pace and the lack of urgency of not having a deadline or anywhere I needed to be? Yes absolutely! It gave me
a chance to spend literally every waking moment with my beautiful boys (in track pants); time that means so much to every parent. It also gave me time to breathe, something I feel like I haven’t done since jumping on this incredible treadmill that is running your own business.

But I couldn’t lie completely dormant, and the urge to move and evolve again was there, so I jumped on Facebook and started KIDDO Community, a Facebook group, and within a few weeks we saw the group grow and grow.

kiddo community

It was such a comforting way to connect with all of the other families out there, who were in the very exact situation I was… at home with children trying to suppress our feelings of dread and uncertainty – just trying to survive. We got through with MANY LOLs (special thanks Liv Williams, for the hilarious daily COVID updates) and the odd shared recipe.

I also did something that had been sitting on my TO-DO list for quite a few years… start a podcast! So I headed into Office Works and stood in line with all of the other people who were apparently also starting a podcast, and bought 3 microphones; one for me, one for Alexis and one for Liv (the babes on the front cover). KIDDO Chats is one of the very few positives that came out of COVID for KIDDO, and we are super proud and excited to extend our conversations and quality content onto the airwaves.

Another new feature of KIDDO this issue is a section acknowledging and celebrating our diverse community; All Inclusive. Diversity doesn’t exist without inclusion and at KIDDO we want to be representative of all corners of this wonderful community we have created and are a part of. At the heart of what we do is a desire to create a space where we all feel like we belong and are valued. I hope All Inclusive goes a way towards ensuring that, at KIDDO, everyone is a part of the conversation, and that we truly celebrate our individual differences.

I know, like all parents, your time is precious, so I not only appreciate you reading  this issue, but also hope that you will join us on KIDDO Chats, we promise to make it worth your while!

We hope you enjoy this diamond of an issue… here’s to shining bright into the future (thanks RiRi)






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