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Kickstart For Kids fight period poverty in South Australia

KickStart For Kids has launched a new program, KickStart For Kids Against Period Poverty, to raise awareness, support, and funds for South Australian girls experiencing period poverty.

Free menstrual hygiene products to over 350 schools

Taking on the fight against period poverty, KickStart For Kids will be dispensing free menstrual hygiene products to over 350 South Australian schools that currently participate in their breakfast program.

What is period poverty?

Period poverty refers to the issue of women and girls being unable to afford and have access to sanitary products. They are forced to use alternatives such as rags, toilet paper, newspaper, or resort to using sanitary products for an extended and dangerous amount of time.

A survey conducted in May of 2020 found that 26% of respondents had missed out on attending school due to not having access to sanitary products and 51% of respondents reported not having access to products or not knowing how to access sanitary products at schools.

In February 2021, the South Australian State Government announced that over the next three years they will spend $450,000 on a program to provide free sanitary items in all South Australian public high schools.

This is a great first step but will only provide roughly 900 girls per year with sanitary products, leaving a gap of thousands of school-aged girls that are potentially affected by period poverty.
Founder of KickStart For Kids, Ian Steel, says that period poverty is not just an issue happening overseas, it is right here in our backyard.

“There is still a long way to go in eliminating period poverty in South Australia. We owe it to the girls of South Australia. Getting involved can simply be raising awareness of the issue within the community or making a donation on our website so we can provide sanitary products,” Ian says.

KIDDO writer, radio presenter, and ambassador of KickStart For Kids Against Period Poverty, Rebecca Morse, says

“it is unacceptable that girls in South Australia are missing school because they cannot afford sanitary products. We need to remove any stigma around periods and make sure girls have free and easy access to sanitary products when they need them.”

Other ambassadors getting behind the campaign include national TV and radio host, Ash London, presenter and journalist for the Seven Network, Rosanna Mangiarelli, Sam Costello, TikTok star Brooke Styles and former House Rules contestant Michelle Fogden.

To launch the campaign, KickStart For Kids is hosting an event at The Gallery on Friday 25 June from 12 noon to 3pm, tickets are $150 with 100% of the proceeds raised going towards buying sanitary products for girls in South Australia.

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