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To say we’re excited about this issue is an understatement.

Having Teresa Palmer on the cover, with fellow mum and business partner Christaine Duigan is a dream. YES, I’m a total #fangirl.

We chat to them about business, babies, motherhood and the birth of L O V E W E L L as she prepares to give birth to her third child. These local ladies are inspirational and once again show that women are capable of truly incredible things.

Also in this issue ahead of Mother’s Day, we chat to plant lady and new mother Emma Sadie Thompson (EST) about growing her successful plant styling business and a newborn, we also chat to her greatest supporters; her mother and her grandmother.

And, it’s School Holiday time again which means juggle time, we have a bunch of great activities to do and see and also showcase the awesome biannual DREAM BIG FESTIVAL, which continues to offer a fresh, inventive, and inspiring arts experience for young people.

To all the mammas out there, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY – may your coffee stay warm and your laundry basket be empty, on this blessed day!!!

X Charlotte


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