This issue we pay homage to fatherhood, with Father’s Day around the corner we wanted to delve into the important roles that fathers play in modern society.

The role of a father has evolved, diversified (insert pray emoji) and expanded to be more hands on around the house and also with their children. Men are benefiting from being more involved, however with this, another set of challenges also present themselves, and like women, men can also experience pre and postnatal challenges.

We chat to KIDDO Psychologist Hannah Beaven and Dr Grant Blashki, Lead Clinical Adviser for Beyond Blue about mental health for dads and beyond. We also get a look inside a modern day “Dads Group” (which is just like a mothers group, only in a pub, with beer – not coffee – and sans children), where they meet monthly to chew the fat on relationships, fatherhood and expand their knowledge on important subjects like starting solids, teething gels, tummy time, and the best waves on the coast.

In this issue we also welcome back Taryn Brumfitt …AKA issue 10 cover girl, who will have a regular feature in KIDDO Mag, where she will ll our minds with her wisdom and continue reminding us to #EMBRACE the body positive movement.

We have also listened to some feedback and increased the content for your KIDDO’s in KIDDO CORNER (page 34- 37), so your kids can bene t from reading KIDDO reviews, interviews, DIY, games and pro les!

We hope you enjoy this issue and spoil all the wonderful fathers out there (Tommy), by cooking Annabel’s Beer + Beef + Bacon pie! YUM!!!




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