Peter Combe Brings Christmas to Adelaide

If you haven’t contemplated washing your face with orange juice or brushing your hair with a toothbrush in the last thirty years, then you clearly haven’t lived! Or, at the very least, you weren’t a child of the 80’s, 90’s, Noughties… or any other recent decade that Peter Combe has been enrapturing the young (and young-at-heart) with his playfully silly lyrics and catchy melodies.

This year we’re in for an extra dose of delight, with Peter bringing his beloved 1990 Christmas Album to Adelaide on December 8, for two shows only, at the Dunstan Playhouse. We talk to him about Christmas, songwriting and his unique multi-generational appeal.

Tell us about your Christmas album and accompanying show! What can we expect?

At this live show, I’ll be singing ALL the songs from Peter Combe’s Christmas Album which over the past 28 years, to my great delight, has become my most loved album!

What was the process like, composing your own Christmas songs? Where do you even start?

It was an absolute labour of love! My songs are based on my true feelings about Christmas. The album was the realisation of a dream of mine to compose and record a set of new Christmas songs for families, Christmas to me will always be the season of great hope – these songs were written in that same spirit of optimism. Being a mixture of the religious and secular, some of the songs are the most sophisticated I’ve ever written for families.

Tell us about your own family Christmas traditions. Do you have favourite Christmas songs that you listen to as a family?

I spend Christmas with as many members of my family as possible, bearing in mind that my son, his wife and 2 daughters don’t live in Adelaide. I love playing the Messiah at Christmas and there’s a gorgeous song by The Idea of North called Poverty which I love hearing. My favourite traditional Christmas carol is Silent Night, one of the most beautiful melodies of all time. I have ‘a bee in my bonnet’ about singing the melody as written and not doing vocal gymnastics with it.

Do you find multi-generations attending your shows since so many of us as kids who grew up with your music, now have kids of our own?

Yes, this is one of the lovely things about the concerts I do now, and this particular concert is probably the most multi- generational I’ve ever done!

How have you evolved your song writing and lyrics over time to suit di erent generations of children?

Basically my approach to song writing hasn’t changed a great deal over time because children haven’t actually changed very much over the past 35 years or so. I love writing in all sorts of styles and never underestimate the emotional and musical intelligence of children.

And a question from my 6-year-old daughter Tilly: Do you really clean your teeth with bubble gum?

No, but I have tried to fix the fence with sticky tape! And I’ve seen 3 grown-ups actually bellyflop into a pizza!!
Join the festive family fun of Peter Combe’s Christmas Album Live in Concert on Saturday 8 December, 3pm or 7pm.

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