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For families of children living with life limiting conditions, time is precious. Making the most of every moment is vital.

This week is National Palliative care week and Adelaide charity, the HAS Foundation, are putting their hearts and hands towards increasing awareness of paediatric palliative care, something that is often forgotten as palliative care is so commonly associated with the elderly.

With the official slogan of the week being ‘Palliative Care….it’s more than you think’, Ella Stratton, Founder of the HAS Foundation and mum to three boys, is encouraging the general public to think about the families of children that are devastatingly going through the palliative care process. Within Adelaide, there is no hospice for paediatric palliative care, and quite often families are at home caring for the critically ill children.

stratton family

Ella understands first-hand the heartbreak of losing a child, and the deep meaning behind creating beautiful lifelong family memories by capturing moments of fun and laughter, even in times of struggle and heartache.

The Hunter Alfred Stratton (HAS) foundation was created in honour of Ella and Jarrod Stratton’s son Hunter, to support and help families who are going through the experience of having a sick child in palliative care, in creating happiness and memories of a lifelong love.

The Foundation, with the mission to provide ongoing financial and emotional support to children with life limiting illnesses and their families, has significantly contributed to a number of palliative care projects for Adelaide’s Women’s & Children’s Hospital.

“It is quite sad that a lot of people aren’t aware that Paediatric Palliative care is a thing,” says Ella. “These families are going through what no parent ever wants to imagine…they need support, and we are using this week to raise awareness of this fact.”

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The Foundation undertakes a number of key activities, providing essential support to the Paediatric palliative care team at the Women’s & Children’s Hospital. Not only do they put together bespoke care packs covering every member of the family, they have helped fund a renovation in the hospital viewing room, have financially contributed to a purpose built palliative care friendly holiday house.

“The support provided to our family by the palliative care team at the Women’s & Children’s Hospital was instrumental,” says Ella. “We finally had the support that helped lift the weight of caring solely for Hunter off our shoulders – it was then shared with experts who knew a journey we had not yet walked”.

Palliative care… it’s more than you think.


Hunter and Ella Stratton

More information on the work that the HAS Foundation does can found on the website


As always, donations to the Foundation as most welcome.


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