does your child want to be on playschool

Does your child want to be on Play School?

ABC’s Play School is going ‘Through The Windows’ with kids across Australia, and you can share your home videos and see your child play a starring role!

Looking for 3-6 year olds

Play School are looking for 3–6 year olds to share a slice of their life for an upcoming series called “Where I Belong”.

How can my child be on Play School?

Pick a topic from the list below, and let your kids shine!

Unfortunately, Play School can’t include every video they receive, however if yours is successful, they’ll be in touch.

Submissions close 5:00pm (AEDT) on Monday 7th December.

Follow these simple steps set out by ABC Kids

STEP 1 – Pick a topic

Please read the relevant topic page (links below) for detailed instructions of what to include in your video.

If you are interested in more than one topic, you may make multiple submissions.


We want to see what your child and their Grandparent/s love doing together. A favourite activity like cooking, painting, going for a bush walk or learning about your culture – it can be anything! Show us your child’s special bond with their Grandparent/s.

Visit the Grandparents topic page for detailed instructions of what to include in your video.


We want to meet your pet! Do you live on a farm with horses? Maybe you live in an apartment and have pet fish. Let us know anything and everything about your special pet!

Visit the Pets topic page for detailed instructions of what to include in your video.

play school garden


Do you belong to a community garden? What do you grow? Delicious fruit and veggies you can eat? Take us on a tour of your community garden, do some gardening or introduce us to your fellow gardening friends!

Visit the Community Garden topic page for detailed instructions of what to include in your video.


We’d love to meet your child and their bestie! What’s their favourite activity? What makes their friendship special? What’s one thing they have taught each other?

Visit the Special Friends topic page for detailed instructions of what to include in your video.

play school


Does your child have a special teacher? A dance teacher, sports coach, language teacher, additional needs teacher? We’d love for your child to introduce their teacher! Show us something your little one and their mentor are working on – a new dance, a new song in another language, or maybe you’re learning to swim or read! No matter how big or small, we want to see it all!

Visit the Teachers topic page for detailed instructions of what to include in your video.

Step 2 – Record your video

We ask that you shoot these in a high definition landscape format, in a well-lit area such as outdoors where you have good quality sound and keep your phone or camera static on a tripod, or filmed by a freestanding parent/friend (i.e. not hand-held selfie).

If you are unable to record all of the material that you would like to provide to us in one video, you can record multiple videos. For example, you may want to record all of the answers to the questions on your topic in one video, and then record other vision about your topic in another video.

Tips on making a GREAT video!

  • Keep smiling! We love big smiles and happy faces!
  • Keep it snappy! Keep your video length to 180 seconds or less.
  • Keep it steady! Hold your camera horizontally (on its side) instead of vertically.
  • Keep it yours! Don’t use anything that doesn’t belong to you like other people’s songs or videos, and make sure there is no music or TV on in the background!
  • Keep it brand free! This goes for branding on clothes as well! Try to wear clothing that is free of brands.
  • Keep it private! Like all videos on the internet or on television, heaps of people might see this! Make sure your video doesn’t include: addresses / street signs, school or team names or uniforms, email addresses, phone numbers, web addresses, references to other online profiles or accounts.
  • Keep it in the age range! We ask that the kids talking to camera are in the 3–6 age range. If a younger/older sibling would like to be involved that’s fine. Just keep the focus on the 3–6 year old as much as is possible.

Step 3: Share your video with Play School

Once you have recorded your video, share it with the Play School team: 


Submissions close 5:00pm (AEDT) on Monday 7th December.

Should Play School choose to use your video they will contact you, as you will need to complete a Performance Release form for every person who appears in your video.

For more information:



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