divercityDivercity: The kids album we all need right now!

“We sing, we play, we dance all day. Everybody’s ok in Diver City”.

The collaboration of producer KLP (Kristy Lee Peters) and comedian/musician Matt Okine, could not have come at a better time. This is the children’s music project we all need right now.

Welcome to Diver City

The pair’s debut release, Welcome to Diver City is based around a fictitious town created by the Sydney-based parents, Diver City, exploring a world for children of different backgrounds, upbringings and races, set to music parents can actually stand to listen to in the car!


Promoting themes of inclusivity, the importance of sharing, and understanding emotions, the lead single from the album ‘Diver City Theme’ speaks to the ethos of the band.

With lyrics like “we’ve got different faces, different races, different skin, but the same within” and it’s the perfect tonic for a world where, more than ever before, we are trying to teach our kids the importance of acceptance, tolerance and the beauty in our differences.

Diver city

The collaboration

You might recognise the names and/or voices of the duo, with both Peters and Okine Triple j alumni, and both having serious industry chops.

Okine has previously released music under his hip-hop side project, Boilermakers, and Peters is a music producer having released her latest record ‘Giver’ in 2019.

Okine says of the project;

Kristy and I have been friends for a while and we’ve always talked about making children’s music, becoming parents at the same time was the final piece of the puzzle! It’s been so awesome to form the concepts and themes for this album as our babies grow and learn together; it’s given us the ability to gain real world insight into how children develop, how to make music that captures the highlights of each leap, and – also – the importance of making music that parents will enjoy too! We’re so happy to be teaming up with ABC Music & ABC Kids Listen for our first release”


And, indeed, it seems like the perfect choice, with ABC Music synonymous with some of Australia’s most iconic children’s entertainers.

To be included in the same roster as The Wiggles, Justine Clarke, and a couple of pyjama-wearing bananas, is a pretty good place to start! 

Released in late August, Diver City’s debut kids album Welcome To Diver City is available on shelves and through streaming services ABC Music and ABC Kids.



Listen to Diver City


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