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big brother is coming

Big Brother is back!

And the countdown is on…

It’s been twenty years since nine people entered a purpose built house to be watched 24/7 by Big Brother and broadcast on national television, and after a six year hiatus, Big Brother is set to return to our screens in less than two weeks.

Promising a dynamic new house full of new surprises, new rules and show-stopping twists, Big Brother is watching, and so will we be!

Channel 7 has been slowly revealing the identities of the 2020 contestants, and here are a couple of our favourites.

Mum of two and teacher, Zoe

As a woodwork teacher and a mum, Zoe is used to taking charge. We mums are pretty accustomed to having every move we make watched (even when we’re in the bathroom!) so we think Zoe will fit right in in the Big Brother house.

80’s Aerobic Icon, Marissa

This 61-year-old makeup artist and fitness expert plans to lie low but come out on top. With her TV history, ability to make bold moves and be flexible, we think she’s one to watch!

Office boss and mum, Angela

She’s a boss in the office and a mum at home; if she can cope with kids and coworkers, we think she’s got a fair shot of whipping 19 housemates into shape!

Outback tradie, Mat

From Broken Hill to the Big Brother House, country boy Mat is playing to win. Let’s see if this tradie can win Australia’s hearts too.

Big Brother 2020 is due to premiere this June on Channel 7.

To meet the rest of the contestants, visit: