backpacks for kids need your help
Backpacks 4 Kids SA Need Our Help!

Shortfall of Christmas gifts for kids in need!

Some kids have never experienced the joy of receiving a present just for them and knowing that someone cares. Backpacks 4 Kids Christmas Program aims to bring a smile and laughter to a child. A simple present can bring so much hope and happiness but can also reduce the stress and anxiety for those supporting kids and families who are displaced at Christmas time.

With Christmas is just a few weeks away (GULP!), Backpacks 4 Kids Christmas sorting and wrapping is due to start next week to allow enough time to deliver the gifts to all SA regions in time for Christmas day.

backpacks 4 kids

Shortfall of Christmas Gifts

So many incredible Backpacks 4 Kids supporters have arranged collections, donated gifts, funds and created awareness for what the charity is trying to achieve; supplying gifts for 5500 kids – that’s 11,000 presents – to children entering emergency care this Christmas.

Sadly, there is a shortfall of Christmas gifts and Backpacks 4 Kids don’t yet have enough to cover all the children they want to support this festive season.

backpacks4 kids

Decline in donations

This year has been like no other and there have been significant impacts on families and businesses, resulting in a definite decline in the amount of donations received – both gifts and funding. Of course nobody wishes to add extra financial strain and pressure on what’s already a really tough time, but if you can help at all, it would make an incredible difference to Backpacks 4 Kids, and in turn, the Christmas of so many children.

backpacks 4 kids



Any funds raised will help us fund the purchase of gifts from our wholesale supplier to bridge the shortfall of gifts.


Purchase a gift online and have it delivered to Backpacks 4 Kids:

Backpacks 4 SA Kids
8 Tareena Street
Ridgehaven SA 5097

When shopping, keep in mind gift guidelines:

  • $30 maximum per gift
  • Must be brand new
  • Shortage of gifts is in the 10 – 18 age range particularly
  • No weapon or food orientated items
  • No books or clothing as the kids receive these items in their backpacks already
  • Unwrapped


Drop off locations are still accepting gifts but these must be received by the 4th of December.

For more information or drop off locations:


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