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baby otters adelaide zoo

Baby Boom at Adelaide’s Zoos!

There must be something in the water at the Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Safari Park, with babies popping out left right and centre this year.

The keepers and staff at Adelaide’s popular zoos have been hard at it, maintaining the grounds and keeping the animals happy throughout what has been an unpredictable and turbulent year for everyone, but it looks like the animals have been keeping busy too.

We humans may have been physically distancing during the COVID19 pandemic, but the animals didn’t seem to get the memo, with no less than twenty zoo babies appearing this year across the two sites.

Can we get an AWWWWW!?

Adelaide Zoo

golden lion tamarind baby

Golden Lion-tamarin Baby

What’s small, golden and clings to its mum and dad’s backs like a piece of Velcro?

A GLT baby, that’s what!

This little bundle of cuteness was born to Arella in July and is a very welcome addition to the GLT family.

Golden lion tamarins are listed as endangered by the International Union of Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Red List.

The population of the species is currently decreasing with only 1,400 mature individuals thought to survive in their native habitat of Brazilian rainforest.

Zoos SA works with a number of worldwide conservation programs to help protect animals like the Golden lion tamarin from extinction.

TOP TIP: If you visit, take a look up at the Tamarin run and wait patiently. The baby really is tiny and almost looks like a piece of fur. If you time it right, you *might* even get to see baby transfer from mum to dad (who take it in turns to carry).

Two Small Clawed Otter Pups

Well these pups are OTTERLY adorable!

Born in March, the two pups mark an important contribution to the breeding program working to save their vulnerable species which is threatened with extinction in the wild.

Adelaide Zoo is proud to have bred more than 70 otters since the breeding program began.

TOP TIP: The otter pups are pretty shy, so visitors will need to be patient. You might spot them having swimming lessons with their mum, dad, brother and sister!

Monarto Safari Park

lion cubs

Four African Lion Cubs

It was roarsome news when in February this year, Monarto Safari Park’s lioness, Husani, gave birth to four fierce and fesity felines.

The fab four, consisting of one male and three females, are an exciting addition to the Monarto family and are the lifeblood of new hope for the species which is currently listed as vulnerable by the IUCN.

TOP TIP: Visitors are able to catch sight of the pride of 10 lions, including the gorgeous four cubs, from the viewing platform or up close from the Lions 360 dome and the Lions at Bedtime experiences.

11 Tasmanian Devil Joeys

Over the course of the year, 11 adorable little devils have been welcomed to Monarto Safari Park, with a record breeding success for the region’s critical Tasmanian Devil breeding program.

After birth, joeys will typically stay inside the comfort of their mothers’ pouch for three to four months, before spending another few months inside a private den.

Monarto Zoo works with several other Australian zoos to ensure there is an insurance population for the Tasmanian Devil in case there is no cure found for the cancerous facial tumour that is wiping out the native population.

TOP TIP: Once they start to emerge you might find them climbing aboard their mum’s back for a ride or spending time with their siblings playing, digging and learning how to use their highly-sensitive nose to check out their environment.

Southern White Rhino Calf

Monarto Safari Park safely welcomed a newborn rhino calf in July this year, with mum Umgali giving birth in one of the Rhino enclosures, and only captured on CCTV cameras.

The young female calf spent the night with mum before keepers got to see her at first light and has already captured their hearts.

Monarto Safari Park Director Peter Clark said the newborn calf was a significant arrival for a species which is threatened with extinction, adding that the calf would play an important role in Zoos SA’s efforts to boost its insurance population.

“A little Southern White Rhinoceros is a big reason for celebration. Nearly ten thousand animals have been lost to poaching in the wild in just the last 10 years with numbers surviving now thought to be less than 15,000,” said Peter.

Monarto Safari Park is home to six Southern White Rhinos – two males, three females and the newest addition – all of whom are proudly supported by our partners Beach Energy.

zebra foal monarto safari

Zebra Foal

Monarto Safari Park welcomed a tiny and beautifully patterned zebra foal to their wild family this year!

The little stripy zebra foal, the 14th addition to the herd, was born in April this year in an ‘off limits’ area and settled in settling under the careful watch of mum Gina.

The Plains Zebra is classified as near-threatened by the IUCN. Contrary to popular belief, the zebra population in the wild has declined in 10 out of the 17 range states since IUCN Red List assessments. Threats to the Plains Zebra include livestock farming, ranching, hunting, trapping, drought and war and civil unrest.

As a leading conservation charity, Monarto Safari Park is working to save species like the Plains Zebra from extinction.

chimpanzee infant

Monarto Safari Park is also home to two Chimpanzee infants, although born in February and September last year, they are still tiny and a delight to watch.

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