An artist is changing the way we look at Disney Princesses and reimagining them with varying body types to help bring representation to the world.

It’s no secret that generations of children all over the world have grown up idolising Disney Princesses; aspiring to be like them, pretending to be them, even dressing up like them.

And for decades, those Princesses have tended to adhere to a similar aesthetic.

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That’s until one amazing body-positive artist decided to upend this traditional Disney aesthetic by reimagining a whole new world of body diversity and representation for Disney Princesses. By doing so, she hopes to  help people feel “confident, worthy and beautiful exactly as they are right now”.

Crystal Walter of @NeoqlassicalArt is giving us a glimpse of what Arielle, Belle and a selection of other iconic Disney Princesses would look like if their bodies resembled the gamut of different body types we see all around us every day.

The artist says she was inspired to create plus-sized Princesses by her own personal struggles as a child with body positivity, and never seeing her shape and size represented in mainstream media, but is clear that she’s not promoting the idea that one type of body is better or more realistic than another.

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“My stance has always been that all bodies should be seen as equal,” she recently wrote on Instagram.

Seeing a Disney Princess drawn the way Walter has presented them challenges the stereotype of what beauty means and Crystal’s art teaches kids to find beauty in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

If this could mean the difference between a young girl hating her body or celebrating its uniqueness and what it can do, rather than what it looks like, then we can’t wait to see what else Crystal comes up with.

If you’d like more of Walter’s Princesses in your life, their images are available to purchase as t-shirts on her online store

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