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Adelaide Men in Black House

Adelaide’s ‘Men In Black’ are Coronavirus safe

Chances are, if we reference Adelaide’s “Men In Black” house, you know the one we’re talking about.

But for the uninitiated, the now iconic Adelaide house on Cross Rd in Unley Park, has featured a cardboard cut out of Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith’s ‘Men in Black’ characters since 1998.

Adelaide Men in Black house

With several ownership changes between then and now, the cardboard cut out has remained a permanent fixture in the top window and become somewhat of an SA landmark, with it’s famous residents protecting Adelaide from intergalactic attack for going on thirty years.

But now they’re seemingly protecting THEMSELVES, from Coronavirus.

Men in black masks

I mean, you just gotta love the sense of humour of it all!

Although someone needs to school Will on proper mask wearing protocol!


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