OTFC facility adelaide


The OTFC Group (OTFC) have today launched their $5M Occupational Therapy (OT) facility in Parkside, South Australia making them one of the biggest and most dynamic private service providers in the country.

Dino Mennillo said the expansion of this third site was realised because of the sheer numbers of families in the community seeking therapy options from trusted organisations.

“The need for OT services is higher than ever, with more than 41,000 active NDIS participants residing in South Australia and approximately 2000 providers trying to service them. These numbers are huge, and it would be easy for organisations to base their business model on this demand alone.

“In our business, the purpose is to help as many children and young adults learn the skills needed to thrive within our communities and be the best versions of themselves they can be. We want to make a difference through influencing their lives positively by creating possibilities that weren’t there before” he said.

Customised therapy

The needs of young people with special needs varies throughout their life span. Critical to the success of any therapeutic approach is also understanding the specific requirements of each individual person.

“A cookie cutter therapeutic approach only goes so far in helping our young people with disabilities, learning difficulties, sensory concerns or behavioural issues – at the OTFC Group we want to do more than that. It’s why we have created and invested in globally recognised certified programs, research, and our customised therapy equipment and spaces,” Dino said.

A collaborative effort

The OTFC Group have an open-door policy to parents, other OTs around the globe, medical and allied health professionals, educators and anyone else wanting to thrive in this industry.

“We collaborate with schools and other allied health professionals and welcome them to spend the day with us at our practices to understand our therapeutic approach and the outcomes we are working towards.

“We always strive to reinvent ourselves with each new practice and we can only do this through robust collaborations with like-minded people and organisations. We are here to service our families and that means ensuring anyone working in this industry within all three therapy spaces has access to ideas, training, research, supervision and professional development opportunities,” he said.


OTFC facility adelaide

State of the art facilities

The OTFC Group currently pave the way in OT Occupational Therapy services not only in South Australia, but across the country with custom state of the art facilities, intensive professional development for their team, educators and other allied health professionals.

They have designed and created equipment and are in the process of entering the manufacturing market to help OT’s and schools globally access the equipment that is essential to their therapy.

OTFC facility parkside

Child led therapy

They use Ayres Sensory Integration Therapy method – a globally trademarked and celebrated treatment that has an emphasis on ‘child led’ therapy and is researched worldwide in treating children with various complex developmental conditions including Autism Spectrum Disorder.

OTFC celebrates a culture that continually reinvents itself to always do better, have created practical initiatives to combat long wait times that can be experienced across the industry, like; quality free information, informative podcasts and video explainers, worksheets for parents to do at home with their kids, group therapies and other initiatives to give parents peace of mind as a trusted source.

OTFC facility parkside

The Parkside facility will help to reduce wait times and see more children and young people assessed and engaged in therapeutic programs in the clinics, the schools and the community.

This new $5M dynamic and purpose-built facility in Parkside joins the other two sites in Mile End and Adelaide with a total investment of $11m across the three sites.

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