Bluey's mum Chilli

MUM GOALS with Bluey’s mum Chilli

Melanie Zanetti, voice of Bluey’s mum, Chilli

Our favourite, inexhaustible little Heeler pup, Bluey, has become a constant companion in many a household worldwide since its debut in 2018, with both kids and their parents alike loving the series with a fervour reserved for very few kids’ TV shows before it.

With season 3 due to commence production late this year, we caught up with Melanie Zanetti, voice of Chilli, to chat about all things Bluey, what it’s like to be caught up in what has become a global sensation, and just how Chilli manages it all!

Bluey Season 3

Bluey has been such a worldwide sensation, when was the moment that you realised … hey this is going to be big!

When I first saw the bare bones of the pilot episode, in my gut I knew I was watching something very special but it was about a month or two after the initial release when I saw the speed in which Australian families were falling in love with the show and clamouring for merchandise that wasn’t even in existence yet that I realised Bluey was going to be big!

What do you love about voicing Bluey’s mum?

Chilli is so easy to love and fun to play! She is warm, smart and kind with a wry sense of humour and the scripts are so beautifully written, working with the Bluey team is such a joy, honesty it’s a dream job.

Bluey season 3

Season 3 has recently been confirmed with production starting later this year, do you know what we can expect from the 3rd season?

I’m yet to see any of the new scripts but I think we can expect more of the characters we love with episodes once again centred around the Heeler family and imaginative play.

Melanie Zanetti Voice of Bluey's Mum Chilli

How does Chilli manage it all? She’s a working mum, she’s active, plays sport and is an incredible wife and mother – she’s basically mum goals for so many of us, what do you think her secret is?

Chilli has a partner who shares equally in the domestic and emotional labour of the household and child rearing. Chilli and Bandit communicate with love, respect and humour. Women (and dogs) can ‘manage it all’ when there is equality and a foundation of healthy communication within a relationship. The way in which their partnership is portrayed is one of my favourite aspects of the show.

Melanie Zanetti Voice of Bluey's Mum Chilli

The show is so special, and resonates with people so much, have you personally taken any life lessons from the show?

Absolutely, I think the main one is understanding that there is joy and magic to be found in the mundane if you approach every day with curiosity, imagination and a commitment to being present. Also kids are hilarious and wonderful teachers!

Bluey season 3

Have you actually met Dave McCormack, who voices Bandit, yet? We read you’d never met your dog husband in person!

No! We still haven’t met! We have talked over the phone a number of times and he is genuinely one of the loveliest humans imaginable, Ludo couldn’t have picked a better guy to voice the best dad dog on TV.

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