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What is the best piece of advice that you could give any mother juggling a career?

You are not going to be able to do it all and that is totally ok! Ask for help, get to know your neighbours and trust in the village! Get a network of families together and share the load.

Can you describe your own childhood and parents parenting style?

I had a great childhood, the eldest of three with a younger brother and sister. I was always loved and given every opportunity to achieve my dreams. My Dad worked a lot and mum was a stay at home Mum, we were used to just seeing dad on the weekends and a little before bedtime which was the norm in the 80’s. I wouldn’t call them free-range parents but I think they had a good balance of structure and freedom. We were brought up believing we could succeed in anything we chose to pursue.

How do you achieve your work life balance of career woman and mother? How do you combat working mum guilt?

You need to set out realistic goals and prioritise what it is that you want to achieve. It’s not possible to be a domestic goddess, cook all meals from scratch, hand make non toxic cleaners and toiletries, be there for every school pick up, AND work full time. I am very lucky in that my husband and I can work from home. We have flexible work schedules, so I am able to split my time between work and the kids. Janek also helps a great deal and is a very involved father, which is awesome. There are super busy times of the year and times where there is nothing urgent that needs to be done, so we make the most of the quiet times and are sure to spend extra quality time together as a family when we can.

Can you describe your parenting style in 4 words?

Something that’s constantly evolving!

Tell us a bit more about The Polo Project and Polo Events Australia?

‘The Polo Project’ is an online destination for polo lifestyle and fashion. The magazine profiles Australian and international Polo players in fun and interesting articles focusing on lifestyle. Favourite cities to visit on holidays, where to eat and drink in Aspen After snow Polo, as opposed to what the score was in the tournaments they have recently competed in. We also include articles on equestrian artists, sculptors, photographers, sometimes a little on interiors, always with a heavy emphasis on fashion and ‘What to wear’ to the polo. Polo Events Australia is my husbands company that produces Urban Polo events across Australia. We currently have 4 separate event categories, Polo in the City (5 events) Polo by the Sea (2 events) one Beach polo and one ‘Polo in the Vines’. They all have a different vibe (and dress code) and are growing every year!

What inspired The Polo Project magazine?

Janek has been running polo events now for 12 years and we wanted create an online presence that complimented our events. There are many polo Magazines out there, but we wanted to curate something for the people that don’t know a great deal about the sport and the characters, stories, arts, fashion and lifestyle that surrounds the sport. We have always received great media attention with our events, but the articles tend to always be limited to which celebrities would be attending and what the weather forecast is going to be! We would hope that before attending an urban polo event patrons would have a read and learn a little about the sport and the players they will be watching at the events.

What do you hope to achieve in a years time career wise?

I would love to really grow The Polo Project further. It has been a bit of a holding pattern year for me with the birth of my third child last April. I managed to get another edition out, but I also neglected a lot of things. It was very important to me to really enjoy the first 6 months with little Cassian. They grow so quickly and you never get that time back!

How do you manage being on the road? Can you give us 3 great tips for travelling, especially with children?

I have found mentally prepping the kids prior to setting off to be the key, even when my older two were quite young I would explain exactly how and where we were going the night before. Let them know the process and what was going to be expected of them. That way there are no surprises for them and I really feel that deep down kids always want to do their best for you! I’ve already started prepping them for the flight to Adelaide this week, as it’s the first time I’m flying solo with the three of them! Janek and I don’t allow our children a great deal of screen time, so when they are on planes and they get the iPad, we normally don’t hear a peep out of them! I will download a few new educational games or movies especially for the trip just to make sure to keep their attention. At the moment Cassian is having two sleeps a day so I plan the flights to coincide with naptime. He then generally nods off right on take off and that’s at least one hour of peace! We also purchased ride on Trunkies when Indigo and Blaise were younger and they were fabulous for international flights where there are long walks between gates. It’s a hassle waiting for strollers to come out of the hold. Now they just have a backpack each that they are responsible for packing and taking care of. Subsequently they have all been great travellers and enjoy jumping on a plane even when there are crazy delays or terrible weather, I make it all part of the adventure.

Where is your favourite place to eat in Adelaide?

I love the Adelaide Market! We generally stay at the Hilton as they are sponsors of ‘Polo in the City’ and its fantastic to be able to pop downstairs for some fresh oysters, or grab a few things for a killer charcuterie board or cheese platter. There will always be something for the kids too sushi, noodles and dumplings are some of there faves.

Besides The Polo, what’s your favourite thing to do when you come to here?

Last time we were in Adelaide for the beach Polo in Glenelg we took a few day after to explore the Fleurieu Peninsula, and absolutely loved it. Will definitely love to come back and spend more time is this beautiful part of the world. Kangaroo island has been on my to do list so hopefully this year.

If you’re listening to any podcasts, can you tell us what you’re listening to at the moment?

Haven’t got into podcasts yet, I really enjoy silence when I can get it!

How has your involvement with Polo influenced your personal style? Has it?

I think it has definitely broadened my style perimeters, we get great fashion sponsors and labels wanting to be involved in the polo and loaning me outfits for events, so I have been introduced to labels and designers that I might have not come across otherwise.

The best purchase you’ve ever made…

This probably sounds a bit lame but I love linen sheets. Sleeping is something mums rarely get enough of and I love the feeling of a freshly washed sunshine dried linen sheets. I even take them camping.

If you had one of those rare and somewhat mythical, schedule free, ‘me time’ days what would you do?

It would start with a yoga class then a swim in the ocean, followed by a 90 minute massage. Brunch with some girlfriends a facial and perhaps a bit of shopping for something fabulous to wear out to a romantic dinner with hubby. Oh and if I could fit a nap in there somewhere that would be a perfect day!

This Friday The Polo comes to Adelaide with Land Rover Polo in the City

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