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La La Local – Music for all the ages!

Kate Bailey is a producer for Sonya Feldhoff on ABC Radio Adelaide. Music has always been a part of her life whether playing it, singing it or banging on about it, and she keeps the dream alive by introducing new music to the world every week. And all of it local! Hear the review live at 1.45pm each Tuesday on ABC Radio Adelaide, 891 AM. And tune in 1.45pm each Friday for her local (streaming) gig guide. You can also listen live via the ABC Listen APP, online or via Channel 25 on your TV. Kate is also Mum to three beautiful boys Liam, Louis and Jay who have been showered in music since birth and reminded often that it’s a universal language that binds us, revives us and inspires us. A city without a music scene is a city without a soul. Which is why now, more than ever, we need to stay connected with our local musicians and keep the creativity alive!


I’m not only impressed but also quite relieved to see so many of our local musicians and venues getting tech savvy in order to bring us live performances in the virtual realm. Music is like medicine in so many ways! And let’s hope this also means many of our creatives can keep on keeping on despite the impact of Covid-19.

So, whether you fancy streaming a gig or just some good old-fashioned listening here are a few local tracks to help you put the Iso-blues away.

I’ll start with something from the heart. Albeit an angry one.

A bloke named Benjamin messed with Kelly Brouhaha’s heart. Big time.

So, the soulful songstress put her powerhouse vocals and mean guitar skills into action and wrote that man out of her heart. Using his real name, I do believe.

And for a break-up song it’s pretty darn catchy. Up-beat even.

Much like her new life, perhaps? Leaving behind her marriage and a mortgage Kelly jumped in her van (the most wonderfully named, Pamela Vanderson) and began pursuing her dream of travelling Australia full-time.

And she continues to carve out quite the lifestyle as a multi-instrumentalist and jack of all trades gathering fans all along the way – including Beccy Cole and Libby O’Donovan with whom she joins forces from time to time.

So, perhaps Benjamin did her a favour in the end, providing both material and motivation.

The single is out now on all platforms.

Okay, genre shift. Time to think cacti, cowboys and tumbleweeds – quite apt at a time when things have slowed down so much our city streets are almost bare on a Saturday night.

5-piece Los Palms draw their inspiration from that classic California surf rock and 60’s sound and describe their music as Desert Jangle. Expect reverb aplenty and a rather conspicuous nod to the Shadows in this track Lost Phantom. And I don’t mean that in a bad way.

It’s been a solid few years for Los Palms, including playing The Americana stage at this year’s Superloop. 

They too are making the most of a more isolated lifestyle recording demos (several of which you can check out on Facebook) and are hoping to leap into the studio the moment it’s allowed.

And finally, for a laugh (don’t we all need those right now?) do yourself a favour and look up rocker Ben Marwe from Bad//Dreems singing “I Wanna Self Isolate With You”. Maybe without the kids in the room for this one.

Bad Dreams


Bad//Dreems were forced to cut a major overseas tour short, come home and isolate. Scattered all over the countryside for now they’re beavering away on new material while they wait for the lockdowns to lift. Ben also does a short performance from his abode each weekend (the Sunday Morning Songbook) – so check out their social media pages. And I’ve been told we can expect something new very, very soon!

Until next time, support our musos however you can, and stay healthy!

Kate x